Mark Twain may have said of modern times -
jus' how deep does that
chit git? aks'15

. . . When in that moment just as one and you will care
. . . upon or with this world each and to dare
. . . cause a matter in tyme passed to wit
. . . into never is the word too quit . . .


At best, communism is an inept measure of socialism.
Democracy then, the more practical framework from
which social concerns spring.
Socialism is the means, by which the whole can
determine common ideas, ideals and convictions -
practical beneficence . . . !?! . . .

AK-6/25 . . .Acclimation - the whethering of the human condition by way of
environmental concerns - The strength of a healthy language is its versatility.
To adapt - adopt - adapt - enables the endurance of a free peoples.
Wholesome in inclusiveness is multicultural, as well, generational. - AKS"17