... ah, 'vegas... where you can
hide your hotspot
until you're ready to

More Then
...beyond what is written
for each done comes another...
by those each thereas smitten
yet suppose
truly a wonder then can too compose
duly a wonder when can as prose...


...not every gaff is worth alaugh
a sad affair yet learned
sought every smile during the while
a glad dare yet earned...AKS'14

...only you can provide your journal...
...an accounting other than self is to say what is one without another...
the while of this, for good or not so good
is yet the better of the effort...
for each done comes another..

...the better of life is yet to be
cause known or not
...the better of strife as yet to see
cause shown as sought...AKS'14

... The ever greater distance between science
and social concerns will, in fact, yield to the peoples interests. An ongoing reality -
socialism is a progressive term. Is conservatism
proffered as a science - progressive? 'MindSciences' are varied as are conservative principles. What to be
conservative AND what to be liberal about are the peoples concerns.

A.K.Sterne - from O.K.,I'm O.K. - 1980