Internet Terms
      The following terms are referenced from preceeding site and put into my own words and 

(1)    NETWORK  a system of interconnected computers

(2)    LAN  Local Area Network; communications network; regional; confined geographical area.

(3)    WAN  Wide Area Network; interconnected groups of computers; national and international.

(4)    FTP  File Transport Protocol; functions, directories, etc., governing data transfer.

(5)    TCP/IP  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol  Set of rules and regulations 
        for transmission control of data over internet.

(6)    ISP  Internet Service Provider; organization that provides access to internet.

(7)    WEB BROWSER  Program that enables users to locate and access web sites.

(8)    WEB SITE  first page of possibly many, also know as domain name; unique name on 

(9)    WEB PAGE  a single page on web site, that can contain many, introductory page, that can
        contain hyperlinks to other pages and sites.

        (10) URL  Uniform Resource Locator  The address that defines the route to a file on       
            the web; typed into browser, which then links to site.

(11)   SEARCH ENGINES  Software that searches for data and sites on the internet; 
        based on some criteria.

(12)   FAVORITES/BOOKMARK  An option on a computer or web site, that allows 
        a person to save indicated site, for later reference, just by clicking from list.

(13)   HYPERLINKS  A linkage between one site and another; either as text(usually
       in blue) or as an icon. 

(14   INTERNET TRAFFIC  The capacity, active or potential, of internet